Why Getting Help for Addiction is Vital

Did you know that over 20 million people in the United States have received treatment for a substance use disorder? That’s approximately 9% of the population!

Did you also know that one in every three households suffers from, is exposed to, or is impacted by substance use disorder? Substance use disorder does not just directly affect the individual; it also affects their family and friends.

With so many people affected directly or indirectly, it is essential to seek help when facing a substance use disorder. Let’s explore a few reasons why getting help is vital!

Substance Use Disorder Can Worsen Over Time

The longer an individual uses a substance, the more dangerous it can become. The more they use, the more the desire to use grows. Over time, this makes it more difficult to succeed at recovery because the individual’s brain chemistry is changing.

Continued use also causes the individual’s body to build up a tolerance to the substance over time. They will need more of the substance in order to obtain the same effect from it, which makes attempting recovery even more challenging.

Substance Use Can Be Deadly

Being addicted to a substance means you no longer have complete control over your decision-making process, especially when making healthy choices for your mind and body.

According to the CDC, there were over 100,000 deaths due to substance use overdose in 2021. This is a reported 28.5% increase from 2020. Current data for 2022 is still being tracked and calculated.

The severity of substance use affects the individual as well as the family and friends of the individual. Seeking treatment or help is vital—not just for the individual, but for all their loved ones, too!

The Power of Seeking Help

Seeking help is a powerful step on the path to substance use recovery. Substance use is more than just the physical side of using a substance; it also has a mental aspect involving the desire to use the substance.

Support groups and therapy sessions are excellent options for individuals seeking support. They can provide strategies that help affected individuals overcome the urge to use a substance. Education and support services can help them learn the steps to reach and maintain sobriety.

Attending support groups and therapy sessions can also make someone less vulnerable to repeating the same mistakes from the past, which limits the possibility of a relapse. These support services are designed to help individuals learn, grow, and stay on the path to recovery.

Multiple Areas of Life Are Affected

Substance use affects not only physical and mental health, but also social and financial health.

Socially, affected individuals may become distant from family and friends because they may begin acting differently or in a way they wouldn’t have before.

Financially, substances are expensive to obtain. Substance use can lead to job loss, and affected individuals may go into debt or sell off possessions in order to afford the substances.

The consequences of substance use only increase over time. Though you can seek treatment at any point, the sooner you do, the better chance you have to avoid long-term impacts.

Intervention Services

My Interventionist is here to assist you in making a change and restoring hope! We offer the following services: Interventions, Sober Transportation, Consulting, Family Support Services, Case Management, and Testing.

My Interventionist is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and travels nationwide offering intervention services. We are never too far away to help you or a loved one.

Let us help now. Contact us or use our 24/7 phone line (833) 700-7759 to call or text and start to break free today!

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