Our Interventions Are Effective

Dr. Vernon Johnson brought intervention to the addiction treatment sector in the 1960’s.  His model is still used today and is known as the secret intervention where family prepares without making any indications of what is to come to the beloved person and a surprise intervention follows.

The goal of this type of intervention is to embrace the beloved person and not make them feel like it is an ambush. 

Thanks to the A&E TV drama “Intervention”, many people have the idea that a surprise intervention is full of chaos. We do not experience this with proper planning.  A professional interventionist is skilled to help the beloved person from feeling ambushed.  It is the responsibility of a professional interventionist to properly prepare all members of the recovery team with the tools necessary for a successful intervention. 

There are many variations to Johnson’s original model being used today with the basic premise to have people who love the beloved write letters expressing their love and concern and then ask the person to go to treatment.  This sounds simplistic, but it takes a lot of work with the interventionist and family to plan and then orchestrate a successful intervention. 

It has been our experience to date that 99% of people being intervened on using some variation of the Johnson model leave for treatment immediately following the intervention.  We believe that by planting the seed, the remaining few will get into treatment within a few weeks if the family holds the bottom lines.

Another style of intervention is the ARISE® model, which has its roots in systemic family therapy and was introduced by Dr. Judith Landau.  The ARISE® model is an invitational model where the beloved person is invited to a family meeting to discuss their presenting symptoms.  Surprisingly, most do show up!

The ARISE® Model

ARISE® Intervention continues to get over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment within three weeks of the first invitational family meeting and 96% enter treatment within six months.

We have the data to show that intervention works. 

My Interventionist uses tenants of both models and customizes each intervention to tailor to the needs of each individual family.  We think it is important to be able to be both firm and flexible to offer the best services to the struggling family.   Relapse rates for people spending 28 days or less in treatment soar over 70% because 28 days is not long enough! 

All My Interventionist clients and their families receive continued case management and coaching for a minimum of one year.  We use each other and monitoring systems to hold each family member accountable.  We believe that the whole family is responsible for their recovery and our goal is to provide the right tools at the right time. 

Recovery is not only possible but probable when there is the right mix of family and professionals.