Family Support Services

Family Support Makes All the Difference

Many treatment centers offer introductory family support services over the course of a weekend.  

My Interventionist offers your family support services weekly for a minimum of one full year! 

A journey into recovery changes everything for your beloved and your family and we are here to help you navigate the new behaviors that come along with these changes.  Through monthly contact conference calls, we check in with each family member to gauge how they are progressing.  Individual calls are set up when needed.  We offer intensive individual coaching support when necessary and recommend utilizing peer support like Al-anon and Nar-Anon. 

Our family support services are designed to help you know what to expect from your beloved and to help you cope with new behaviors that will be presented.  Early recovery last 12-18 months with many changes taking place.  Support services are available to be scheduled for each member of the recovery team for the first year! 

Times of change and disagreements among family systems are ripe for relapse.  Sticking with the My Interventionist plan and utilizing our family support system keeps all members of the recovery team on the path to recovery. 

Part of our case management service will be to provide referrals for other services like couple‚Äôs counseling when necessary.  My Interventionist promotes healing for the whole family system and our program is set up to make sure that the entire recovery team is met with care and attention and provided with guidance to begin their own journey on their path to recovery.