Verify Insurance

Our Interventions Are Effective

Addiction treatment services are expensive and we understand that. 

My Interventionist knows that a dollar amount cannot be put on the value of saving your loved one’s life and money should not be a barrier to getting help. 

Most insurance plans cover some level of care, but it can be tricky figuring out what benefits you have for treatment and which treatments may be covered and for how long.  What is in network, what is out of network can also be hard to figure out.

My Interventionist will contact your insurance company and verify your benefits to try to select a treatment center option that accepts your insurance.  Some families may choose to do cash pay if their insurance does not cover certain treatments or the center does not work with their insurance.  We are here to help through this sometimes-aggravating task.  We will make personalized recommendations after talking with your family. 

Many families come to us without any insurance and no ability to pay the tens of thousands of dollars that treatment can cost.  This does not have to be a barrier; talk to us, we have ways to get your family the care that you so desperately need.