Our Process / Benefits

Our Process Helps Us Achieve Positive Results

Relapse rates are often 70% or higher during the first year in recovery.  There are evidence-based treatments that have 90% SUCCESS rates with the beloved remaining in recovery during their first five years of recovery.  Our model is built on what works. 

We believe that only 28 days in inpatient treatment is simply not enough and sets up your beloved for failure by not offering the intense support that is needed to make behavior changes. 

My Interventionist makes a commitment to walk through the first full year of recovery with your whole family system.  This is unheard of in the industry.  Many treatment centers will tout their after-care plans; in most cases these are no more than a few recommendations on a sheet of paper and a pat on the back as they close the door of the facility.  Your family deserves more!  As an industry, we know better.  My Interventionist DOES BETTER! 

A minimum of one year is required for all clients.  No EXCEPTIONS; it is nonnegotiable for us.  We do not engage in recovery processes with families that will not make a yearlong commitment because our time is limited and we want to be part of success stories.

From your first contact with My Interventionist, you will feel peace in knowing that you are now working with a professional company that can provide evidence-based guidance during this trying time in your life. 

My Interventionist prides itself on responsiveness.  Many Interventions can have your loved one in treatment within 72 hours of your first call! 

We are managing life and death situations and we act like it.  If we do not have the capacity to deal with your case, we will tell you and provide you with a solid referral.  We are in this business to save and change lives and that takes a strong commitment to quality action.  We think you will be satisfied. Our 365-day, ONE FULL YEAR treatment model works, so give us a chance to let it work for your family.  Reach out now to start experiencing the My Interventionist freedom!