New Year’s Resolution: Make Mental Health a Priority

This is your year! Say it to yourself now by repeating these words: ‘This is my year!’

Every new day, week, month, or year is an opportunity to start fresh and make it the best one yet.

One of the best New Year’s Resolutions you can consider is prioritizing your mental health. You are with yourself 24/7, and having the right mentality can make the difference in seeing the results you want.

We have identified five key areas you can focus on this new year to help you make mental health a priority for 2023.

1. Identify Stressors

Do you know what triggers you to feel stressed? Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ take some time to write down your major and minor stressors. Even if you have done this in the past or think you know what they are, write them down to use as a reference guide this year.

By identifying your stressors, you can make more informed decisions about what activities you want to engage in, along with where and with whom. Knowing what stresses you the most will help you avoid stressful situations!

2. Prioritize Health and Wellness

Your overall health and wellness also relate directly to your mental health. Focus on prioritizing the following areas of your health during your weekly routine:

  • Regular Exercise: Engage in exercise 3-5 times per week. These activities can include taking a group fitness class, implementing a resistance training program, or participating in cardio workouts. Exercising regularly can release endorphins that increase your sense of well-being.
  • Nutritious Meal Plan: A balanced meal plan that includes a proper daily portion of fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, dairy, and fats will help with your overall mood and provide the nutrition you need to stay energized throughout the day.
  • Drink Water: Water helps improve brain functionality and removes toxins from your body that could affect your overall health.
  • Get Sleep: Getting the proper amount of sleep also helps with brain functionality, especially in regards to breaking down emotional information.

A consistent positive health and wellness routine will positively affect your mental health, too!

3. Limit Screen Time

Electronics and social media can very easily occupy a lot of your time. Constant scrolling on your phone has become far too common.

Screen time includes your phone, computer, and television. Spending too much time on these devices can negatively affect multiple areas of your health. Screen time can affect the amount of sleep you get and how you feel emotionally. Your relationships can also be affected by how much time you spend on the screen.

Set screen time limits for yourself so you do not overuse electronics and allow them to distract you from other things in your life.

4. Love Yourself

The most important person in your life and the only person you will spend every single moment with is you! Make loving yourself a priority, as this will positively affect your overall mental health.

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, celebrate your accomplishments, and congratulate yourself on your victories. Keep striving to do your best one day at a time, and love yourself while you do it!

5. Continue Learning About Mental Health

Understanding your mental health is a great way to grow and learn more about yourself. It’s something that should be taken seriously and constantly developed. People train their legs for running and their arms for lifting, so why not train your mind to have a positive mentality, too?

My Interventionist Services

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