Announcing Our New Website

Many people feel overwhelmed by the impact of addiction in their lives and struggle with the decision to seek professional help for themselves or for loved ones battling addiction. Asking for help can feel impossible, reaching out to an intervention specialist lessens the burden on your family and the chances for a successful recovery greatly increase.

Sometimes we think that we will seek help for a loved one once they hit rock bottom, My Interventionist sees it differently.  We believe it is our job to help your family raise the bottom to save irreplaceable time for you and your loved one. Waiting too long can be a fatal mistake.

My Interventionist is experienced in helping families overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of living with a loved one who is struggling with a substance use problem or process addiction. You are not alone. We will work with you to develop a customized plan that involves both the addict and their loved ones.

Together we will restore hope and freedom back into your lives.

Since time is of the essence when it comes to navigating the challenges of an intervention and beginning the recovery process, we wanted to make sure that information about our services is easy to access and that the heart of our company is accurately expressed to those looking for help.

We recently collaborated with a local digital marketing agency, RODA marketing, to create a brand-new, mobile-friendly website.

Take a look around the new site and let us know what you think!

You’ll find details on the services My Interventionist offers, including:

  • Interventions available 24/7 nationwide
  • Sober transportation
  • Customized sober coaching
  • Family support services
  • Case management
  • Testing

A lot of people ask us what exactly an intervention looks like, and the answer to that is that it looks different for every person and situation. My Interventionist works with you to develop a customized plan for yourself and your loved ones.

While many interventions are for substance use addictions, it can also be for mental health, or addictions such as food, gambling, gaming, internet, and sex. Confronting an addiction without a plan is typically unsuccessful, but My Interventionist aims to lift the burden off of partners and families, so that they are supported along with the addict. Combining a team of professionals and family increases the chances of a successful intervention.

Our founder, Kerry Egan, began doing interventions after experiencing her own life-changing intervention and has more than a decade of experience providing intervention services. She is passionate about recovery and tailors her work to meet the needs of each individual family.

Some families prefer to use an invitational style intervention where the loved one is informed of the intervention and Kerry is certified in this method, known as the ARISE model.  The more common model is the Johnson model, or the surprise method that is highlighted on the A&E television show Intervention.  Choosing the right intervention model for your family will be done after Kerry has a chance to have a consultation with your family to evaluate the specific circumstances.  Regardless of the model chosen, we aim to develop a step-by-step plan that we can follow to ensure a successful process.  An effective intervention will change everybody’s lives, and it will help get all members of your family on the path to living in recovery!

When My Interventionist began, our digital presence was minimal. But as our business continues growing in demand, we realize the importance of sharing the practical help and hope we offer, so that people like you can find out about us in a user and mobile friendly way. We are thrilled with our new website and so glad that you found us!

Reach out today for a free consultation.

Addiction does not have to win – we can help you face the battle and find freedom.