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A professional interventionist is skilled to help the beloved person from feeling ambushed. It is the responsibility of a professional interventionist to properly prepare all members of the recovery team with the tools necessary for a successful intervention.
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Sober Transportation

Sober Transportation is the transit for the beloved person to the treatment center. In most cases, we escort the identified patient immediately following the intervention. There are times when we engage a registered nurse to aid in transportation for the safety of your beloved.
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We provide a free consultation to evaluate your need for services. After our consultation, we will provide you with our recommendations for a successful journey into recovery. There is not one single right way into recovery and we know that each individual and their family deserve personalized attention.
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Family Support Services

A journey into recovery changes everything for your beloved and your family and we are here to help you navigate the new behaviors that come along with these changes. Through weekly contact conference calls, we check in with each family member to gauge how they are progressing.
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Case Management

Case Management aims to serve as the central point of contact for all facets of the total clinical and family recovery team. Through case management, My Interventionist works with all treatment providers to coordinate care for your loved one and ensures that the recovery team is kept informed.
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My Interventionist offers monitoring through breath sample analyzer testing, urine analysis, and bloodwork to keep the beloved recovering family member on track and accountable. We work with many providers and will select the one that is the best fit for your family.
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Through weekly one on one sessions, the client will be coached to gain insights into behaviors and opportunities for growth and change. My Interventionist will work on instilling confidence, positive mindset, good habits, productivity, and more, to set the client up for success in recovery.
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My Interventionist is here to help you get started in the right direction.

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Our Process

Relapse rates are often 70% or higher during the first year in recovery. There are evidence-based treatments that have 90% SUCCESS rates with the beloved remaining in recovery during their first five years of recovery. Our model is built on what works.

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Firsthand Story

As luck would have it, I found him drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette outside an AA meeting. He had been clean for 5 days and said he wanted help. After the completion of 40 days, we flew to Pennsylvania and Austin moved into a sober living house. He made a commitment to live there for one year and was able to obtain his CDL and earned a furniture delivery route. Austin found success working a program of recovery with My Interventionist.

About Kerry

Kerry Egan has been providing intervention services for more than a decade. A seasoned sales professional, Kerry began doing interventions after her own life changing intervention. Combining her passion for recovery with her talent in sales she has found her true calling, presenting a chance at a new life to those suffering from addiction. Intervention services are available nationwide.

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